• COVID-19 BHHBA Board Bldg. Industry Update
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    With the COVID-19 (coronavirus) taking a major impact on the economy overall. We want you to know your local association, along with the SDHBA (State Home Builders Association), and the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) are working closely to mitigate its effects on the residential construction sector. We will continue to keep you informed. The BHHBA Continues to monitor and do what we can to help our members get through the COVID-19 (coronavirus) Pandemic. We are making every effort to do our part in Social Distancing, to maintain the safety of our members, your employees, our staff and the families of everyone, as well as the community. You remain our number one priority. With this said, and in an effort to take proper measures in limiting exposure and protecting each of you. We have resumed meetings with small group attendance and our office is open

    If you have information you'd like to share on our COVID-19 Updates Page, please call staff at the BHHBA Office.

    We appreciate your support and understanding.


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