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Ladder Safety

As spring and summertime approach, all those home improvement projects you set aside for warmer weather, like painting the exterior of your home or cleaning out the gutters, will start calling out to you soon. 

If any of the projects on your horizon call for a ladder, it is critical to know the ins and outs of how to use one safely to avoid serious injury or even death. The following tips can help you and your family members use ladders with care:

Turn Living Space into the Perfect Home Office

As children grown up and leave home, or a family’s circumstances change, often times rooms in the home need to serve a different purpose. Maybe a bedroom in your home has opened up and is ready for another use. A newly emptied bedroom could become a den, a library, or even a media room.  

Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency with Technology

Today’s home owners and buyers are looking for ways to incorporate home technologies that increase the long-term value of their house but also provide convenience, safety and comfort. Energy management is a highly-desired feature in both newly-built and existing homes, along with multi-zone heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems and lighting controls. Not only are these features easy-to-use, but they also provide energy-efficiency. 

Beware Being Your Own Home Builder

Homeownership is the foundation of the American Dream, and in today’s do-it-yourself culture where how-to advice for just about anything can be found on the internet, many people think they could save a lot of money by building their own home. But your home is likely the single largest investment you will make in your lifetime, and not hiring a professional home builder could be a costly mistake for many reasons—financial, emotional, and physical.


Building Your Home: Custom, Semi-Custom or Production

When you start thinking about buying a brand-new home, it can sometimes be confusing knowing what kind of home builder you need to hire in order to get the home that best fits your family’s needs and budget. Here’s a brief explanation of the types of home builders, and some of the differences in working with each.

Save on Landscaping

After you have purchased the new home of your dreams from your builder, you will probably immediately start thinking about personal decorating touches that you can add. When considering these personal touches, do not think just about the interior of the house.

Safely Heating your Home

Natural gas is commonly used in homes as an energy source, and like any energy source, it must be used correctly to be efficient and safe.

Natural gas is a versatile, clean-burning fuel. It is often used to heat your home, cook food, heat water to bathe with, dry clothes, and even start the fire in the fireplace. In its natural state, it is a non-toxic, colorless, tasteless and odorless gas. The "smell" you recognize as natural gas odor is added so you will know if there is a gas leak in your home.