ExxonMobil Business Card for BHHBA Members

Dear BHHBA Members,

As business owners, we understand the need for your business to manage fuel expenses - that’s why we have teamed with the Black Hills Home Builders Association. Through the BHHBA, we would like to offer you the ExxonMobil Business Card - the card that offers financial benefits, control and convenience.

Apply today, and if approved each month you’ll save $.05 on each gallon of fuel purchased in excess of 100 gallons and up to 800 gallons at any Exxon or Mobil for the first year; and, $.03 afterwards on all fuel purchases at Common Cents locations.

Not only will you save on fuel purchases, your business will begin to reap the benefits of having an ExxonMobil

Business Card:


• $.05/ gallon rebate during year 1, $.03/gallon at Common Cents locations thereafter

• No monthly, annual or per card fees

• Additional cards at no cost

• Flexible payment options - revolve and make at least the minimum payment due or pay in full


• Fuel versus store purchase itemization

• Online access to both billed and un-billed transactions

• In-Station card option available


• 24/7 online account management

• Consolidated statements that group transactions by card ID

• Acceptance at over 10,000 Exxon and Mobil stations

Apply today! Complete the application (available at the BHHBA office) and fax it in to Jack Sullivan at 605-343-3894

and start saving and enjoying the benefits the ExxonMobil Business Card offers you and your business!


Gil Moyle, Jr.


Moyle Petroleum Company

(605) 343-1966

Dear BHHBA Members,

Moyle Petroleum, also as a show of our commitment to Black Hills Home Builders, has signed up to become a BHHBA member. We at Moyle Petroleum will also be giving the BHHBA .005 cents per gallon for fuel purchased by your members.

Moyle Petroleum would like to thank the Home Builders Association for this opportunity, we feel this could be of great benefit to your members and we are looking forward to getting this going as quickly as possible.

Thank You,

Jack Sullivan

Fleet Sales Manager

ExxonMobil Business Card Application