Dakota Seeds Internship Program

An opportunity to employ students in internship positions is available through the Governor's Office of Economic Development.

South Dakota businesses can apply for matching funds to support their plans to hire interns in technical disciplines.

Technical disciplines that relate to Math, Science, Technology, and Engineering are encouraged to inquire for information about the program online at www.dakotaseeds.com.

State Economic Development Commissioner Pat Costello says the internships give companies a chance to develop a pipeline of prospective employees and give students a chance to gain experience.

An application for funding and a completion report are available online at the Dakota Seeds website.

Technical areas are unique business to business, but areas of information technology, specialized equipment, software or instrumentation may all be appropriate for consideration.

If you feel you have a technical area that could fit into the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics disciplines go online at Dakota Seeds to fill out an application for funding.