About Us
The BHHBA and our members live, work and play in the Black Hills and we believe in giving back to our community whenever we can.
Previous Home Builders Care Projects
Here are some previous Home Builder Care Projects:

Storybook Island Christmas 2008-2009
Meeting the Needs Bath House 2005-2006
Garr House 2003-2004

2018 Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the policy-making body of the association and is responsible for the business affairs of the corporation.

The Board of Directors approves operating and capital budgets and ensures proper use of assets. Also, represents the membership of the association and understands issues facing the organization.



  • Awards two scholarships annually to a child or grandchild of an owner or employee of a Black Hills Home Builders Association Membership.
  • Oversees and coordinates all matters relating to the educational activities offered by the association.
  • Selects promotes and coordinates educational programming for the general membership of the association to ensure members' needs are met.
  • Seeks and recommends opportunities for the association to promote educational activities.


Chair, Jeff Lage, *Luxurious Living By Lage Construction, LLC & Daene Boomsma, Boom Construction
  • Stays abreast of local, state and national legislative issues; recommends association policy on legislative, regulatory, and legal issues to the Board of Directors.
  • Oversees and coordinates the government affairs, activities and programs of the association in order to execute the public policy goals and objectives of the association.
  • Monitors and tracks government activities and issues that may have an impact on the industry.
  • Conducts research where necessary.
  • Develops personal relationships with public (municipal, county, regional, state and national) officials.
  • Prepares regular communications regarding actions by local government for distribution to members.
  • Develops and implements a system to alert members regarding pending government issues of interest to industry.
  • Oversees a political action committee to raise funds to assist candidates for local office.
  • Acts as the liaison with state and national government affairs committees and garners support among local members for state and national initiatives.


Chair, Brian Bennett, Knecht Home Center
  • Identifies and recruits new members of the association and promotes involvement in all association programs and activities.
  • Works in conjunction with staff to establish goals; immediate and long-range; plans and conducts programs for membership development; conducts incentive and recognition.
  • Plans and conducts New Member Orientations; develops appropriate recognition and welcoming of new members; develops and conducts a membership retention program.
  • Provides for appropriate recognition of new members and their sponsors.
  • Reviews and selects membership materials available from NAHB and other sources.
  • Oversees the awarding of Spike Club credits.
  • Coordinates Spike Appreciation Month activities and other Spike recognition programs.
  • Coordinates membership promotions with NAHB and state contests and drives.
  • Recommends and assists in the production of local membership materials and brochures.
  • Plans and organizes a schedule of social activities to take place at regular intervals throughout the year.
  • Plans informative programs and secures speakers for monthly Black Hills Home Builders Association membership meetings.
  • Develops other Black Hills Home Builders Association services to meet member needs.
  • Reports on progress to the Board of Directors and membership.


Chair, Shane Regelin, Heartland Pella
  • Working in conjunction with staff the committee plans, develops, organizes, oversees, produces and promotes all aspects of the association’s annual Black Hills Home Builders Association Home Show.
  • Develops and updates annually a set of rules and regulations governing the event and a budget to ensure the program meets anticipated revenues.
  • Encourages full member participation at the event and helps promote the home show and sale of exhibit space through brochures, advertising, and publicity.


Chair, Jeff Weidenbach, Weidenbach Brothers Construction
  • Plans, organizes, produces, oversees and promotes all aspects of the association’s annual spring and fall Parade of Homes events, including the Parade of Homes guide.
  • Develops and updates annually a set of rules and regulations governing the event and a budget to ensure the program meets anticipated revenues.
  • Coordinates all logistics for the Parade, including building registration, volunteer participation, and public participation.


Chair, April Boomsma, Aflac
  • Plans, organizes, produces and promotes the annual Black Hills Home Builders Association golf tournament in the Fall.


Chair, Mutch Usera, Black Hills Energy
  • Plans and organizes requests from the community for improvement projects of income eligible people in the community.

BUILDPAC (Political Action Committee)

Chair, Jay Mendel, Mendel's Masonry & Construction
  • Responsible for coordination and execution of fund-raising events for the local BuildPAC fund; also keeps the membership informed of BuildPAC activities and disbursements of funds to political candidates on the state, local and national level.


Chair, Teri McNally, Black Hills Community Bank
  • Plans and organizes the BHHBA Monthly membership meetings. Works with the education committee to secure speakers and plan informative programs for the monthly meetings when appropriate. Organizes the annually BHHBA Christmas Party & Spike Awards ceremony.
Meet Our Staff
Cheryl Bettmeng

Cheryl Bettmeng, Executive Vice President

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Serves as the chief administrative officer, recommends and participates in the formulation of new policies and makes decisions within the bounds of existing policies. Plans organize, directs and coordinates the staff, programs, and activities to ensure the associations' goals and objectives are met.

Mike Dupre

Mike Dupre, Sales Director

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Develops and manages membership recruitment and retention programs that increase the membership base of the association. Also, develops, manages, and promotes member services that enhance the value of membership, and manages the general membership meetings & socials.

Justynne Carsten

Justynne Carsten, Event & Marketing Director

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Develops and manages the special events of the association, including the Home Show, Spring and Fall Parade of Homes, Golf Tournament, and other events of the association.